Verglimit Eishemmender Fahrbahnbelag
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the standard product, used for more than 30 years. newly developed product. Heat - resistant up to 260°C. This means, VERGLIMIT -260 can be used in all sorts of asphalt, even in cast - asphalt. ("Gussasphalt")
Packing units:
a) 10 kg / 25 lb PE - bags, to be added directly into the mixer, unopened
b) 1 ton big - bags for larger projects
Packing units:
10 kg / 25 lb PE - bags to be added directly into the mixer, unopened

VERGLIMIT is an environmentally friendly, ice - retardant additive for asphalt roads. By mixing it into the asphalt mix for the wearing course, higher traffic safety is achieved, without the need of further maintenance or other ongoing costs.

VERGLIMIT has been used successfully in almost all types of hot - mixes: sand - asphalt; hot - rolled - asphalt, cast - asphalt, even in drain - asphalt. Predominantly it is used in standard mixes like asphalt - concrete or " spitt - mastix - asphalt".

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