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Forestroad free of snow

Verglimit The product
VERGLIMIT is a chemical multicomponent de-icer which is added to the top course mix of bituminous surfacing.
Verglimit Laboratory freezing tests
Two Marshall briquettes, one with and one without VERGLIMIT have been frozen to - 15°C and than stored in a moisture room. The photo shows that VERGLIMIT eliminates hoarfrost.

specific gravity
particle size
melting point
pH of solution
apparent density
shake density
Technical properties
1.80 g/ml
0.1 - 5mm
11 - 12
0.84 g/ml
0.86 g/ml
Verglimit Placing
Placing and compaction is done conventionally (repaving possible) Proper compaction is the most important criterion. The air- voids of the compacted pavement should be targeted at between 3 - 4 %. First roller must be used dry.
Verglimit Marshall test
is appropriate except for the 30 min. water storage. The air-voids are adjusted to 2 - 3 vol. %. The asphalt cement content is raised by ( 0.3 to 0.5 ) % by weight.
Verglimit Gritting / washing
to improve the skid - resistance properties of the new surface, crushed sand or screenings (0.1-3mm; ca 1kg / m2) slightly pre - coated should be rolled into the hot surface (min. 90°C) Immediately after placement, VERGLIMIT at the surface, should be washed off with a large surplus of water
Verglimit Stability
air-voids and stability tests (AB 10) have shown, that the air-voids of the mix containing VERGLIMIT are a little lower while the stability is a little higher.
Verglimit After placing
Once the surface is worn in it needs no extra treatment afterwards. The dark spots are typical VERGLIMIT-spots.

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