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cityroad free of snow
ice - traps, road - sections which tend to prematurely ice - up, like bridges, forest roads, mountain roads cause the most frequent accidents in winter.
VERGLIMIT® eliminates these local hazards by creating uniform driving conditions.
Environmental protection
On city roads with adjacent vegetation, as well as in nature preserves and drinking water supply areas, large quantities of salt / de-icing chemicals can cause contamination. VERGLIMIT surfaces do not require preventative salting and even some normal salt applications can either be reduced or eliminated.
Corrosion protection
Bridges and elevated roadways often require extra, preventative salting applications. These extra salt applications increase the negative, corrosion to these expensive capital structures. By placing a VERGLIMIT pavement one can not only benefit from the fact that preventative salting is not necessary but also take advantage of the reduced bonding of snow and ice to the road by intensifying the mechanical snow removal. This way the salt burden of the bridge can be considerably reduced.

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