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highway by the application of
ice-retardant VERGLIMIT® - pavements
at hazardous locations

reduction of accidents
reduction of traffic congestions
reduction of the use of salt+ de-icing chemicals
long service life of the pavements
low life-cycle cost
no ongoing maintenance costs
protection of bridges, elevated structures
and environment

VERGLIMIT supports winter maintenance, by eliminating the gap in driving safety. This is one of the important reasons for the great success that VERGLIMIT has enjoyed, over the decades. VERGLIMIT is simply mixed into the asphalt mix of surface overlays, thus it is always ready to act when needed. VERGLIMIT will always be effective in the most dangerous temperature range.
Because VERGLIMIT is mixed throughout the depth of the overlay, it doesn't require any other means of application,such as with electronic measuring systems and sensors. In addition, VERGLIMIT pavements do not require the use of salt / de-icing chemicals during the critical times and can then be integrated into the normal winter maintenance efforts.
Once VERGLIMIT is paved into the asphalt overlay ( wearing course ), it has a proven track record of over 20 years of life expectancy. VERGLIMIT allows the maintenance extra time to treat the critical areas and therefore eliminates any guess work for these dangerous locations.

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